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The Core Infrastructure Group at the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center, downloads data from many publicly available resources. Formatted up-to-date local copies of such databases as Genbank, PDB, PIR, SWISS-PROT, Genpept, NRDBNucl and NRDBProt, Ensembl, KEGG, Affymetrix, DBSNP, UniProt, Medline provide ABCC users with faster and more reliable access. The databases are updated automatically as soon as there is an update available through scheduled cron jobs. Large subsets from these databases are also created and distributed through the ftp facility ( for other large bioinformatics users such as pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

bioData is an interactive web-based tool that can be used to explore the more than 50 databases available at ABCC. The 'Browse Databases' section provides extensive documentation on the database maintenance process including links to the downloaded files, parsing scripts and table schemas while the 'Query Databases' feature allows users to click and build custom queries in addition to allowing SQL queries by advanced users.